Rat Toys, Treats and Accessories

Pet rats are intelligent, clean, sociable pets who enjoy attention from humans.



Rats come in a variety of colours depending on the breed and even their eye colour can vary from pink to darker eyes. Rats should live with other rats where possible, so you should aim to have at least two of the same sex together. Females are very fertile; they can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth and their litter sizes average 8-10. They can live happily together in mixed sex groups if at least one sex is neutered.

Pet rats aren’t entirely independent and therefore you should make sure you have enough time to care for them properly – they need at least an hour’s exercise outside the cage every day. You should also have a large cage with a solid floor with plenty of enrichment activities and toys. It is important to encourage them to show natural behaviours when setting up a cage, like climbing, balancing, gnawing, digging and foraging.

Rat toys

It is crucial to ensure your rat’s toys are non-toxic and safe. Wooden toys should be made from clean, pesticide free and untreated wood. The most popular, safe woods are hazel, willow, apple and pear trees. Toys should be unpainted, painted with a non toxic paint or dyed to add a splash of colour to their cage. You should also stay away from small items which could be swallowed.

All the toys we sell are suitable and safe for rats – we use mainly hazel and apple wood. Wood is a great material for toys because rats will gnaw it, which will allow them to exhibit a very natural behaviour and keep them happy (rodents are literally defined as a “gnawing animal”).

Rat accessories

There are several must-have pet rat cage accessories that you should purchase to keep your rat happy and stress-free. They need a space where they can get some peace and quiet; so one of our pine house is an ideal nest box. They also love to climb, so consider plenty of ramps, bridges and other bolted cage accessories that bolt onto any mesh walls.

Rats also really enjoy solving puzzles! Therefore consider hiding rat treats at the end of mazes and creating fun ways to keep them entertained. If you’re worried about flying poos when your rats are happily digging then we sell splash guards too.

Rat treats & herbs

As omnivores, rats need a balanced diet that includes grains, vegetables and a protein source. They also love the occasional treat that is low in sugar. A lot of the Rosewood range of treats are suitable for rats, but always check the label. Crocks are a popular treat and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals at the same time.

A top tip from one of our rat customers is to also consider a pumice chewing block. These are a great source of calcium.

Some of our happy rat customers