Rabbit Toys, Treats and Accessories

Owning a bunny can be very rewarding, with their smart and inquisitive nature. But what are the best rabbit toys, treats and accessories?



Rabbits are an incredibly popular pet, with an estimated 1.5 million rabbits being kept as pets in the UK (PDSA, 2016). Each rabbit has its own personality which is a joy to get to know. Rabbits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on their breed. 

They are a high social species who would rather live in groups, so if you can it’s best to have them at least in pairs. However, if you do have a single rabbit, you will need to provide them with enough enrichment activities such as toys and activities to help stop them becoming lonely.

Rabbit toys

Making sure your rabbit is happy and stimulated is an important part of being a rabbit owner and the easiest way to achieve this is through playtime and an environment with plenty of activities. If you provide your rabbit with toys make sure they are made from a safe wood. At Minipetz we use mainly hazel, birch, willow and apple so you can be sure all of our toys are safe for rabbits.

Rabbit like to chew and gnaw on things because it keeps their forever-growing teeth in good condition – so don’t be surprised if your toys don’t last too long! They also like to make nests, so you might find some of the remains in their beds!

Rabbit Accessories

Rabbits are prey for a lot of larger animals, which means it is their instinct to hide from scary things. Although pet rabbits are safe in enclosures, a rabbit’s home must still allow plenty of hiding opportunities.

Our intricate bridge and ladder systems that bolt onto the side of cages aren’t suitable for rabbits (bunnies aren’t agile enough!). But our pine houses make a great place for your rabbit to take a rest in peace or hide. Hay/grass should be readily available at all times because is it a crucial part of your rabbit’s diet – our hay racks provide an easy access holder.

Rabbit Treats & Herbs

A rabbit needs 80% good quality hay to provide them with a healthy, balanced diet. As a general rule of thumb they should eat their own body size of hay every day. They should eat around an egg cup’s worth of pellets a day. Muesli should be avoided as it contains too much sugar.

Our Rosewood range of treats are all suitable for rabbits when given in moderation. One of our favourites for bunnies is the Rosewood Nibble ‘n’ Dig Meadow. In the wild rabbits will be exploring and digging up their surroundings to graze on plants and this treat simulates a patch of meadow that your rabbit can dig around in. You could also consider adding extra mixed dried herb and flower mixes for extra enrichment.

Crocks Complete Herbs, Carrot and Apple are also very popular and provide essential Vitamins and omega 3.

Some of our happy rabbit customers