Hamster Toys, Treats and Accessories

Hamsters are small fury pets that come in a variety of sizes and personalities. But what are the best hamster toys, treats and accessories?



Although hamsters are typically seen as easy pets to look after, they have very complex needs and can be easily injured if handled incorrectly. It’s best to do some research into the specific type of hamster breed you are thinking of getting as a pet to understand any needs specific to their breed.

Hamsters are nocturnal, so it’s best not to house them in your bedroom or you’ll probably struggle to sleep! They need to be kept somewhere dry, where the lights get turned off at a similar time every night. Hamsters are very social creatures and even though you should only have one per cage, they like being part of the family. In order for you to build a strong bond with your hamster, talk to it regularly and keep it in a room where it is not alone.

Hamster toys

Like other rodents, a hamster’s teeth will never stop growing, so it’s important to provide toys for them to gnaw on. They also like to explore and play so a variety of toys will keep them happy and entertained. At Minipetz will sell both loose toys and hanging toys which bolt onto the side of a wired cage.

When choosing your wooden toys you need to make sure they are safe for hamsters by making sure they are non-toxic, pesticide free and untreated. All the toys we sell at Minipetz are suitable and safe for hamsters – we use mainly hazel and apple wood.

Hamster accessories

Hamsters love to explore and use their whiskers to sense objects and get to know their environment. Ladders, ramps and shelves are all great for hamsters and help to make their homes full of enriching activities. 

Hamsters are prey animals, so they need to be able to hide if they feel scared. Our pine houses are great for providing a nest box for your hamster to sleep or relax in. They also hoard their food in their cheeks or in their nests, so don’t be surprised if you find some stored food in their house! If you’re worried about flying poos then we sell splash guards too.

Hamster treats & herbs

Hamsters are very clever and can learn quickly. Therefore, they can be trained, especially when treats are involved to perform tricks. First and foremost, you need to feed your hamster and balanced diet which is low in sugar.

The Rosewood Dandelion Sticks are one of our favourite treats for hamsters. They are full of healthy and natural ingredients which have been hard baked to make your hamster stimulated for days. They can also be broken off and used for hand feeding. Always remember to provide your hamster with fresh drinking water and try to maintain and regular temperature in the room they live in.

Some of our happy hamster customers