Guinea Pig Toys, Treats and Accessories

Guinea pigs are known for their iconic, high-pitch ‘wheak’ noise which they use to express themselves. But what are the best guinea pig toys, treats and accessories?


Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small, vocal rodents, that come in many different sizes and degrees of fluffiness depending on their breed. They can be active for up to 20 hours a day and only sleep for a short amount of time. They should have daily social interaction and because they are used to living in groups in the wild they would appreciate a fellow ‘pig’ friend that they can build a strong bond with.

They are known for their iconic, high-pitch ‘wheak’ noise which they use to express themselves. Usually this squeak sound means they are excited, and you may hear it more around feeding or play time. Other examples of guinea pig sounds are a whistle when separated from their friend and they can even purr when they want attention.

Guinea Pig Toys

Seeing as guinea pigs spend most of their time awake, it’s important to provide plenty of toys to keep them happy and entertained. They also need to gnaw on wood to keep their teeth healthy and prevent them from growing too long. We sell a variety of loose and hanging toys to keep your cuddly friends interested in their homes.

You should avoid giving your guinea pig toxic wood such as cedar and pine, but safe woods include untreated hazel, willow and a lot of fruit trees. At Minipetz we use mainly hazel and apple so you can be sure all of our toys are safe for guinea pigs. Toys should not be painted, but can be dyed with a natural dye, adding a splash of colour to their cage.

Guinea Pig Cage Accessories

Guinea pigs are not very agile and are poor climbers, so intricate bridge and ladder systems aren’t the best idea. Larger guinea pig ramps are great for connecting different levels, but you may have to show them how to use it by tempting them up with a treat!

These fury friends like to have some ‘me time’, so make sure there are enough places for them to hide. Our pine houses make a great place for your pet to take a rest in peace. Hay should be readily available at all times because is it a crucial part of your guinea pig’s diet – our hay racks provide an easy access holder that attaches on the side of the hutch. If you’re worried about flying poos then we sell splash guards too.

Guinea Pig Treats & Herbs

Alongside a healthy, balanced diet, your guinea pig will appreciate a treat. Our Rosewood range of treats are all suitable for guinea pigs when given in moderation. One of our favourites is the Rosewood Fenugreek Crunchies because these hard, crispy treats, will help to wear growing teeth.

Guinea pigs can’t manufacture their own Vitamin C and need outside sources of the vitamins which can be found in vegetables and fruits given in moderation. Crocks Complete Herbs provide 1.250mg/kg of Vitamin C and flaked peas also provide a good source.