Charity Directory

Below is a list of charities which we support. You can choose to donate a product to charity if you click the ‘donate to charity’ button on a product. We will ship it to the charity free of charge.

The degu den

The Degu Den  | 07912 422188 | Maidstone, Kent

“We are passionate about Degus. We are in Kent, UK. We have 70 that are in our care currently. We rescue and rehome those who are no longer wanted.

We work hard with all the Degus in our care to make them friendly, confident and human friendly.

We are very committed and focused on all of them having the best possible life they can for the rest of their days regardless of how long that will be.”

The degu den

Tiny Paws MCR is a home-based, vegan-run, small animal rescue set up in early 2019. We rescue rodents and rabbits in the Manchester area, and find them forever homes with loving humans. We are a registered charity, no. 1186507.

Our focus is on the well-being of each individual animal, giving all in our care spacious set-ups, healthy diets, stimulating enrichment, and small animal-savvy vet care when needed. To allow us to run to high welfare standards, we will only take in a fairly limited number of animals at a time and operate a waiting list system, prioritised based on each animal’s situation.

The degu den

Wetheriggs Animal Rescue

01833 627444 / 07764 352835 | | Wetheriggs Animal Rescue, Thorpe Farm Centre, Greta Bridge, Barnard Castle, DL12 9TY

Wetheriggs is a small family run animal rescue charity first established in 2006. We take in injured and unwanted animals including domestic pets (excluding dogs and cats), farm animals and native wildlife.

If we have the facilities suitable, we will take in any animal and give them a new home and a new chance at life.

Some of the animals we try to rehome, but others will live out their lives at the centre. Many have previously experienced poor living conditions and may suffer with trust issues or have health problems.

The degu den

Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue | Bestwood Park, Nottingham

“We are a registered charity home-based small animal rescue in Nottingham.

We take in small animals and find them loving homes, including guinea pigs, mice, degus, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils & rabbits.”

Margaret Green

Margaret Green Animal Rescue 

At Margaret Green Animal Rescue we take in pets that have become homeless due to a change in circumstances, or that have been neglected, mistreated or abandoned. Regardless of their circumstance, each pet will find a warm bed, a kind team and all the love and respect they deserve awaiting them at Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

We pride ourselves on the standard of care each rescue pet receives. As well as veterinary care, pets are prepared and rehabilitated ready for a new home. Most of our animals are vaccinated, micro chipped, treated against worms and fleas and neutered before going to their new home.

The degu den

Bacchus Residents Rescue 

Bacchus Residents passionately offers an experienced non-profit rescue/sanctuary to unwanted, abandoned, and mistreated domesticated exotic small mammals within our home facilities in East Cheshire, UK. We aim to be as helpful, friendly, and flexible as possible to try and accommodate anyone’s reason for needing our help and support. 

We aim to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home exotic small mammals, focusing mostly on rodents, and rabbits, wherever possible. We also work with Mustelids and Marsupials.
Sometimes, an animal may require a sanctuary-status, this is usually because of ill health, behavioural issues, or old age.

Margaret Green

Hazelwood Animal Rescue 

“Hazelwood Animal Home is a home run small animal rescue set up in 2020. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome rodents near to us in West london to us to their forever homes.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of small rodents who are so often forgotten and discarded as starter pets. Whilst animals are with us they stay in spacious enclosures, with appropriate enrichment, a healthy good quality diet and vet care when necessary.

We work with animals before adopting them out to make sure they are suitable for their new homes