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A small, independent business run by passionate pet owners.


Small pet supplies in-store and online

Welcome to Minipetz! The ultimate small pet supplies destination for all small pet parents to shop for toys, accessories and treats for their fluffy friends.

We offer a range of high quality, handmade, innovative toys, bridges and other accessories for degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, mice, hamsters, ferrets, birds and other small animals. Our products are safe and thoughtfully designed to provide natural fun and exercise for your small pets.

We’re an independent website which means we’re very hands on! A lot of the products you find on our website you won’t find anywhere else – most of them are custom made from your feedback. When you support us, you support a small business.

The majority of our wood is responsibly sourced in Norfolk.

Watch the tour of our shop in the video.

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Minipetz, 18 Napier Place, Thetford, IP24 3RL

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  • Job role: Owner, chief toy designer and assembler, Wood gatherer and chopper, weekend order packer.
  • Pets: Five degus; Miranda, Brienne, Bella, Peep, Knasher. A dog; Loki. A cat; Dylan.
  • Favourite small pet toy: Pine garland and lantern wreaths
  • Favourite small pet treat: Crocks
  • Best pet memory: Seeing my two rescue girls exploring their new huge cage after being kept in a hamster cage for two years.
  • Small pet top tip: Degus especially, if you actually want to be able to hear something on TV watch it in a different room to the goos, as the bar twanging will begin just as you settle down to watch it!


  • Job role: Mid week order packer, assistant toy maker, assistant wood gatherer.
  • Pets: One guinea pig called One Eyed Joe, staffy called Moomin, chihuahua x yorky called Tilly
  • Favourite small pet toy: Coir Balls
  • Favourite small pet treat: Fine cut dandelion
  • Best pet memory: One eyed Joe loves when the weather is nice so he can go I his run and eat all the grass he especially when the dandelions are growing.
  • Small pet top tip: Always make sure that your mini pets have enough toys to chew on and play with in their cage.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are after some advice. We love to see your small pet pictures too! So send them in and we might feature them on our website or social media channels!